The Funding Journey for New and Growing Businesses

Got a great idea? If you are lucky, customers will pay the costs to fund your business. Most businesses need funding. This is a funding journey for new and growing businesses as shown by this graphic below from Enterprise Ireland.  A clear vision, persistence and a great plan you can share is essential.The funding journey

What you will need for just about every step of your journey is:

  • a vision and idea
  • passion, persistence and determination
  • a plan – ideally a full plan, plus a one page summary and also financials
  • a good team
  • expert support – e.g. Chairman, Board and mentors as appropriate

AND of course Money.

Here are ideas, videos, useful sites and resources for you on fundraising plans and formats for business and charity. We are part of the Dorset Business Angels (DBA) team; Peter Eales was a founder director. Angels are a source of private investment for business ideas – a bit like Dragons Den on TV. DBA is registered network for UKBAA, the UK recognised body for angels, VCs and crowdfunders.

We work closely with banks and all funding partners such as DORSET GATEWAY,  Dorset Growth Hub so as to ensure anyone seeking finance is pointed in the right direction. Peter Eales acts as head of marketing for Hixsons Business Advisors the most innovative accountants in the south; Nick Hixson as a Peter Drucker Associate not only leads a top practice but provides solutions to help businesses and entrepreneurs finance and create robust unique strategies.

Frank Guinn Dorset Business Angels Vice Chair

Frank Guinn Dorset Business Angels Vice Chair

 Award winning – Dorset Business Angels

The Dorset Business Angels network operates in and around Dorset, bringing entrepreneurs, investors and business catalysts together to accelerate the growth of start-up businesses.


Peter Eales is General Manager and a founder Director of Dorset Beach Business Angels.

Peter Eales Dorset Beach Business Angels of and you can see useful extracts from our last Investors’ Conference if you click here.

You can book for one of our pitch events here.

Writing a Business Plan – Guides, Templates, Tips and Help

A rock-solid business plan spreadsheet pro forma with 19 key items from Inc see here
Dorset Business Angels Resources Page – guide to preparing your plan and deck
How To Create A Great Investor Pitch Deck For Startups Seeking Financing – Forbes view
Dorset Growth Hub on Business Plans
UK GOV Writing a Business Plan
How to Write a Business Plan – 3 min Video from Business Wales
How To Write A Business Plan | How To Start A Business  from StartupDaddy view video
Entrepreneurship Series on Business Plan writing Wharton School video view
How to write a business plan to start your own business view
The Business Plan UKBAA view

Useful Sites and Links for Funding and Finance

Be an effective Business Angel – UKBAA course here
Hixsons New Business Kit free here
Government Finance Support Finder here
Hixsons Business Finance resources free
Government – different types of business finance available explained plus links – here
The British Venture Capital Association – here
Local Banks and Accountants (via Dorset Growth Hub) – list here
Government Guide to Loan – here
Government Guide to Overdrafts – here
Government Guide to Crowdfunding – here
Government Guide to Asset Finance – here
Government Guide to Invoice Finance – here


Government Business Finance Support Finder – here
Funding access centrally from local, national and EU funding sources, all in one place. – here
Grant Finder from idox – here
Grants online – here
Small business funding j4bgrants – here
UK Business Grants – here
Business is Great – here


North Dorset Economic Growth Fund

The Growth Fund aims to support initiatives and projects which achieve growth in the local economy through commercial activity. Click here for more details.

Growth Programme: grants for the rural economy

The Growth Programme provides funding to help projects in England which create jobs and help rural economy growth. These grants are funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). Click here for more details.

South West Growth Fund

The South West Growth Fund (SWGF), the new grant programme to help businesses across the whole of the South West area grow and create wealth and jobs in the peninsula, is now open. Click here for more details


The LEADER approach is a well-established method of delivering Rural Development Programme funds at a local level. In England this is being delivered by 80 Local Action Groups (LAGs) and it targets rural areas with specific needs and priorities. The Dorset Local Action Groups bring together people interested in the area. LEADER ensures that it is local knowledge and experience which decides what and where funding would make the most difference. Click here for more details
There are a number of other grants available regionally and nationally that apply to Dorset based companies. These are very often quite specialised in nature and with a narrow appeal, usually designed to encourage a particular piece of work. If you feel that your business might qualify for one of these please call us on 03454 586 480 to discuss a possible tailored search.

Investors contact us here

Here are more resources below for fundraising for business and charity.


DBA Conference Panel 2017

Other Useful Videos

Dorset Community Foundation: 3,000 Charities and 1,600 Community Projects in Dorset a Funding Focus

Are you one of the Currently Dorset’s 3,000 charities and 1,600 community projects that fall below the radar of awareness or provision from any funding sources? Then Dorset Community Foundation may be able to help you with funding. Either speak to Peter Eales a Board Member or contact us here


So in summary it’s a funding journey for new and growing businesses. A clear vision, persistence and a great plan you can share is essential. Good luck!

Peter Eales BA Hons Chartered Marketer FCIM FIDM
Founder Director Dorset Business Angels
MD o i solutions limited

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