Resources to help you with your digital marketing

Resources to help you with your digital marketing. Tools and ideas to help you post, find content, measure, and research digital, online, marketing and social media. Including how to do marketing post GPDR effectively and legally.

Digital, AI, Robots, Marketing and Social Media Resources which we use ourselves in marketing, plus sites and resources used by entrepreneurs, agencies and online practitioners. We add sites all the time and welcome ideas and comments.  This page is about any technology that connects people and machines with each other.

Effective Marketing Post GDPR

Three strategies for dealing with post-GDPR disruption to digital marketing – The Drum
Marketing – From The Information Commissioner’s Office, The ICO, The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest. If your organisation plans direct marketing campaigns, find out what you need to know about protecting personal information here.
Sales and marketing after GDPR from FLOW
NB these guys are keen Hubspot Inbound Marketers so you get some good downloads but also free offers and signup popups!

The top 500 sites on the web – guess who’s top?

@Alexa- view

Automation AI Tools for Marketing, AI Sites and Robots


7 AI Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog – by HubSpot

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools here

14 Artificial Intelligence Tools to Scale, Improve and Personalize Your Content Marketing – here

A Marketer’s Guide to AI and 45 AI Marketing Tools to Get Started With
Capterra Sales & Marketing Tech Blog – here

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Advertising – 5 Examples of Real Traction.

Other AI sites

Top Websites with .AI Domains – view
Top 50 Artificial Intelligence Websites And Blogs for AI Enthusiast- view
Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies- view
AI Influencers 2017: Top 30 people in AI you should follow on Twitter- view
7 Amazing Websites To See The Latest In Artificial Intelligence Programming- view
Robot News and Robot Reviews – Robot Shop Blog – view
Alexa – Top Sites by Category: Computers/Robotics- view
12 Essential Blogs Featuring the Latest News on Robotics- view


The Digital Garage is Google’s one-stop shop for mastering digital marketing. If you have what it takes to complete each of the 23 topics and unlock every badge, you can earn the esteemed Digital Garage Certificate of Online Proficiency.

Build your web presence view

Be noticed with search ads view

Get noticed with social media view

Build your online shop view

Get discovered with search view

Get started with analytics view

Discover the possibilities of mobile view


  • How to make a great LinkedIn Profile here
  • How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner’s Guide
  • LinkedIn Directories
  • For example: member directory
  • By name, company or region: here
  • LinkedIn Group Directory here
  • People search here
  • How to set up a company page here
  • How to set up a company page video
  • Insert video into your LinkedIn profile here
  • How to add video to LinkedIn posts here
  • How to add administrators to LinkedIn here
  • LinkedIn hacks that nobody told you about – here
  • Sending a LinkedIn Invitation – how to connect with someone here

The latest and Current in Digital, Marketing and Social Media for 2018

Immersive Technology

  • The International Future Computing Association (TIFCA) – more here
  • 40 people to follow in Virtual Reality here
  • 10 people to follow on AI here

2017 Trends

  • Edutech and mLearning for Teachers (but great for everyone!) – view
  • What is a Chat Bot? – view
  • Marketing Trends for 2016 – Will we be in a post-digital era? By Dave Chaffey – view
  • The top 10 trends that will transform digital marketing for 2017 by Forbes – view 
  • Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For – view

Digital & Social Media Tools

  • Google Adwords Tutorial video 2018 with links to various other videos – view
  • Google Display Advertising video – here
  • Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners – here
  • Smart Insights 20 Toolkits guides and templates, not free but very good from Dave Chaffey – view
  • Free Digital Marketing Toolkit BLOG, POSTS, REPORTS, TOOLS & TRENDS from Target Internet @DanielRowles CIM here
  • Stephen Waddington’s PR Toolbox
  • Stickyeyes Content Guide and Toolkit
  • The Barcelona Principles – Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles here
  • Traackr – demo video
  • Buzzsumo and video tutorial on how tool lets you see popular content from sites.
  • ninjaoutreach Find Influencers. Automate Outreach.
  • Topsy shows topics since 2006 and influencers – video and shows followers
  • Followerwonk shows you Twitter bio and key profile info
  • Echosec lets you search specific geography for social media like Google Earth – video
  • YouGov Profiler insert a name or brand, it pulls all data to show profile
  • ONS Office of National Statistics

Digital Papers and Research

  • Creative, Digital and IT (CDIT) feasibility study (ESRC) by Steve Brewer Southampton University – view
  • Bournemouth Digital Pier Brochure by Steve Brewer Southampton University – view
  • Bournemouth Digital Pier Full Study by Steve Brewer Southampton University – view
  • 7 new social media apps to rival Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest in 2016 – view
  • 5 Big changes to social media in 2016 – view

Google Panda and Penguin

  • Google Panda explained in a simple 12-minute video – here
  • Google Panda more detail, useful SEO from Search Engine Land guides – view
  • Google Penguin, what is it simple guide from SEOmoz video Whiteboard Friday – view

Writing for Websites and WordPress

Blog Writing

  • LinkedIn Pulse 20 Tips – here
  • Social Media Examiner 26 Tips – here
  • Seth Godin top blogger tips, how he finds time and how to blog – here
  • Best blogging sites – here

Website and Online Writing

  • F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content – Jakob Nielsen Norman Group – view
  • Wordsmith and copywriting – for bids and tenders – the best in the business in our view! John Drewry – view
  • The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites – here
  • 10 usability heuristics – and what they mean for copywriters – here
  • Jakob Nielson – Writing for the Web – here
  • Video – 10 Usability Heuristics from Jakob Nielson – here
  • W3C compliance – why this is important and what to do – here 
  • Hemingwayapp – makes your writing bold and clear – here

Internet Marketing Podcasts and Webinars

  • Visibility – Internet Marketing Podcasts here
  • CIM Practical Insights Webinars here
  • Marketing PODCASTS.COM here
  • buffersocial 7 top marketing podcasts here
  • 13 Value Packed Podcasts for Entrepreneurs here

Main Social Media Platforms

Tracking “How To” Guides


Snapchat – here
How to set up an account video guide – here
About Snapchat for business and how to use it video – here


  • Facebook business pages, optimising for best results – here
  • How to advertise on Facebook – Hootsuite guide
  • Add a logo to your Facebook page – in 5 steps
  • 20 Tips for Building a Professional Facebook Profile – here
  • How to delete a Facebook Page – here
  • The 12 Most Common Facebook Questions, Answered (Test Your Facebook Knowledge)



  • Top Business Videos – here
  • Best Ted Talks 2016 – here


  • What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it? – here

Websites and Analytics

  • An website insight tool into visitors, social, its and SEO – here


  • Setup Google Analytics for WordPress video
  • Google Analytics 50 resources to help you – here
  • Google Analytics, their own training videos and help – here
  • Setting up Google Analytics for social
  • Hubspot Marketing Grader – video


Content Sources

Strategy blogs, twitter sites and good places to visit for thought leadership content

Content Marketing Institute – developing a strategy

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