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How to Grow Connections Quickly on LinkedIn and use Sales Navigator Search

Here is a guide on how to grow connections quickly on LinkedIn and use Sales Navigator search whether you have the free or premium versions. I post every day, and write articles every week so, I checkout videos and articles on the latest changes, which I have shared them in this article. I use Twitter as my default news and chat social media site, for business. Socially Facebook is my default, and for consumer and retail customers, plus for forensic personal profiling, it is terrific. LinkedIn is the business platform. Recruiters love it, sales-people live on it too, and it is invaluable for groups, online business-thought sharing and communication.

Search 2017

The recent updates in 2017 changing Advanced Search, means search is more limited but on the free version but still powerful, and well explained on this video. What you can now do in the Free version:

In top left Search insert:

People, Groups or Job title
This brings up a list (thousands) plus on the right
Filter people by:

  • Connections 1st 2nd or 3rd degree (explained here)
  • Keywords, name, owner, company, School
  • Locations, country, town
  • Current or Past Companies or add them in
  • Industries and sectors
  • Non-profit – Board Service, Skilled Volunteering
  • Schools – actually it lists Universities and you can add them in

And then save searches, or create a search alert

Sales Navigator 2017

I have been trying out Sales Navigator. The features list is here:

And includes a very short video run-through. I won’t sell it for them, but my view is that if I were in full-time key account selling I would get it, on the basis is yields extra targeted information beyond normal search i.e. by company, it filters by company size. It asks:

Which company size do you typically target?
It asks 1-10?
And so on up to 10,000+

Sales Navigator will use your company size selections to further narrow down company recommendations. It asked me to start typing function. I chose at random Finance. I then presented 30 companies, where it said: “You have connections that can introduce you to someone at xyz”.  And against some it said there were “5 potential leads in your target functions”, and there is the ability to save these accounts.

However as a marketer, I found this inferior to Advanced Search, under the old LinkedIn version, where there was more flexibility for me to self-select and choose greater numbers. It seemed somewhat claustrophobic and predetermined for me. This is more of a salesperson’s tool. And if I am looking to build a top of the funnel engagement rather than one-to-one meets, I can still do a fair amount on Search. It depends on what you want.

How to Engage and Grow Connections Quickly on LinkedIn

To create the most possible good contacts in you market, you need a great profile. This is a great video on How to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile – 6 LinkedIn Profile Tips. And a video on your profile is also a good idea, see here.  You can now set up your company page, as described here. Once that is in place you can post articles on your areas of expertise, which is nicely explained on this recent video. Now you are ready to look at some of the LinkedIn directories for some companies, members and groups that you may want to join or follow. You will need to send invitations to connect; there is advice on this here. And a very “lively” video which you can make your own judgements on (!) but is worth a watch for some tips or as he calls them “hacks” on connecting and more on LinkedIn – see here.

I hope you found this practical guide to using LinkedIn including Sales Navigator and search helpful. I use all of the videos myself and LinkedIn is a great site whether you have the free or Premium versions. I post every day, and write articles every week so checkout the videos and articles for updates and any changes to LinkedIn which we will share with you.

Peter Eales BA Hons Chartered Marketer FCIM FIDM
Founder Director Dorset Business Angels
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