How to do a Marketing Plan

Here is how to do a Marketing Plan. We produce marketing plans that are used for all types of businesses and organisations. They can be used as standalone plans. They can be used as part of a business plan. Or you may use these marketing plans as project plans, campaign plans, business plans within a wider context for your business. The challenge is the same. The shape of the marketing plan is the same. You start with a vision, you assess the wider challenges on a global or regional context. You look at opportunities and threats more locally. And you have your marketing objective to achieve. Your do a SWOT and audit, develop a strategy and produce a marketing mix plan, with and a more detailed implementation schedule, with budgets and KPIs. This is how to do a marketing plan, with templates, guides and how to implement your strategy with useful links. We include in particular a mind map and CIM step by step guide.

2017 Marketing and Sales Plan

Mind Map

A brief note on Mind-Maps. I am late convert to these. We use XMind which is one of the most popular. Why do I recommend it? Simple, because:

  • You can start with a free version
  • Upgrade to different levels
  • Export to pdf, Word, Images and various documents
  • It produces in colour, black and white
  • It is quick to use

I have not looked up their sales blurb….these are just my reasons.
And reasons why I think Mind-Maps work pretty generically for creative, lifestyle or business planning are:

  • Ideas are not usually sequential
  • Ideas are linked
  • Ideas come at random
  • It helps to picture and place thoughts and see a “Map”
  • Life and Business are fast paced and we all want a quick and easy way to put things down
  • Mind-Maps help us easily share ideas
  • You can subsequently share Mind-Maps in different formats indeed XMind prints out a written plan in a more traditional sequential format should you want it.

Here is a review of some other mind-mapping tools.

Marketing Plan Templates

We are not precious about this, and are constantly on the lookout for good practice. So you will not be surprised that in 2017 we find the Australian Government offering an excellent template here.

You need to be a member of the CIM to access the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) templates hereĀ

CoSchedule has a wide choice of plans here

Write a Business Plan

Frankly a business plan shares a similar format to a marketing plan, but the key differences are the inclusion of more content on finance, personnel, suppliers, and infrastructure. It is after all a view of the whole business rather than how you intend to go to market.

Government UK website Business Plan templates
BPlans for your sector here

We’ll be sharing more links soon. Good luck!

Peter Eales BA Hons Chartered Marketer FCIM FIDM
Founder Director Dorset Business Angels
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