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What happens at a Dorset Business Angels Investors’ Dinner Pitch Event

I’m often asked, “What happens at a Dorset Business Angels Investors’ Dinner Pitch Event” so I thought, it makes sense to describe it, simply for you here. Dorset Business Angels (DBA), hold investors’ dinners every three months, four times a year at Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth Carlton.

The evening starts with registration is at 5.30pm for networking drinks.

Don Welcomes

At 6.15pm there is a welcome from our Chairman Don McQueen.

Partner Sponsor Presentation – from an expert presenter

Our partners are Investec Wealth & Investment, Saffery Champness, Ellis JonesBournemouth Council, Bright Blue Day and UK Business Angels Association – from one of whom there is usually someone giving a brief presentation. For example on investor tips, or contract issues regarding investments – whatever may be helpful to our members. This is just a short 10 minute slot.

Presentation Pitches

Onto the main business. Five pitches are given. These are selected from submissions DBA receives, from which the directors choose what we hope are the most appealing for our members. This is based upon reviewing business plans including financials. Companies come from across the UK; it’s about what is a good deal, although we do hope to offer local business opportunities to members and support the local economy.

The Pitch Presentations 6.30 – 8.30pm

Frank Guinn, our Vice Chairman is MC. He introduces each company, giving members a brief synopsis of what they do; are looking for by way of investment and who will present. He reminds them, they have 10 minutes, and that he will give them warning when they have a minute left. Sometimes it is the owner, or it may be a couple of presenters, similar to Dragons Den. They will usually use PowerPoint, and possibly have a video and samples. Once the time is up, Frank then invites audience questions for 5-10 minutes. The presenters then leave the room, and wait in an adjoining room.

Member Investor Discussions on the Pitches

Frank Guinn will ask, “is there investor interest?” Not to actually invest, but to progress further with the company. And also he encourages questions regarding which Don McQueen often takes the lead. Members often share points such as, “Does anyone have experience in this market?” “Does anyone know of competitors in this market?” “Is what the presenter says re x,y and z fact or figure, true or correct?”. If there is interest, hopefully a group of investors, this is recorded with a lead investor chosen, to manage the next stage of the discussions with the company. If not then DBA will share the information with members not at the evening to see if others may be interested. Peter Eales, leaves the room to share this information with the company, whether the information is good or bad. Meanwhile Steve Royffe his fellow director gets the next presenters in to present.

Dinner 8.30pm

At the end of the presentations there are announcements, given by Peter and Don. After which we enjoy discussions over dinner. About the pitches, deals and all manner of business ideas! This is a great opportunity to share issues, and seek out thoughts from other members and investors. The evening finishes with coffee 9.30-10.00pm. What happens at a Dorset Business Angels Investors’ Dinner Pitch Event does not change, but it is still the most exciting couple of hours in the Dorset business calendar. Because futures are decided and opportunities created every three months, four times a year at Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth Carlton.

Peter Eales BA Hons Chartered Marketer FCIM FIDM
Founder Director Dorset Business Angels
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