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Free online Tools your Toys for Christmas

Here are some free online toys, in fact tools and websites which can be fun, educational and help you with your business. You may know about some of them already. We have put a new spin on some sites, in other words, we use them in a specific way that we hope you will find useful. Thank you to the people who continue to keep sharing idea with us.


Digital, Inbound Marketing and Social Media Resources which we use ourselves in marketing, plus sites and resources used by entrepreneurs, agencies and online practioners. If you like playing on your iPad there is great educational site with tech, learning and info from Google, lots on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more here.

Mind Maps – Do Your 2017 Personal, Family and Business Plans

Are you suspicious of Mind Maps? I was ambivalent, but not anymore, I am now totally sold. And have used them for my New Year Resolutions and 2017 Plans. Here is why I am now sold on Mind Maps and some ideas I’m finding useful with them in planning marketing.

What better way to explain why they work than to use a Mind Map to explain? Just click on this Mind Map to see how to use one.


And here is another one I created for 2017 strategy below. Two point on this:

  • I am indebted to colleague Nick Hixson who stresses the importance of aligning personal and business objectives, see video
  • I use the term “strategy” not plan, because this focuses on where we want to get to. The Plan then delivers it. Again, click on this Mind Map example below.


We use XMind which is free for the basic version, which is perfectly adequate. Here is a video review of it.

Let me know your thoughts, I’m always intrigued.


I recently got into using OneNote and here is a simple 20 minute video on how to use it. I replaced Evernote with it and find it terrific for note taking. It synchs between devices, shares links and can insert videos and image. It has massive capacity too. It’s free to use.


Nick Hixson from Hixsons business enablers & accountants Bournemouth told me about Pocket – it’s great: when you find something and want to view it later, put it in pocket.

iCloud – Apple

Save your URLs into each contact – you can quickly access lots of information on the move. More here. In my Contact Section “Business Plans” for example I have all kinds of templates. Here is one from some ex-Deloitte consultants saved to the ever excellent SlideShare site here. And though I say it myself, great advice on Business Plans at Dorset Business Angels on the resources page here. The UK Government has some extensive advice here too.

Good luck


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