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Leading marketing speakers since 2007 showcased annually by BU and CIM at the Mike Warne Event

The Mike Warne event 2019: The power of co-creation

Nearly 200 students and business people enjoyed the CIM Bournemouth University 13th Mike Warne Event on cocreation this year. Including Mike Hawkward one of the speakers, setting a competition for the the most accurate paper plane folded in 1 minute and thrown at him from the audience. Which I won…even if I was the nearest! It was a fantastic event again, this year, presented by Will Roberts Innovation Manager RNLI, Charlotte Leaver, Brand Manager VK Official drinks and Mike Hawkward Amuzo Games.  As Chartlotte’s definition above states: “Cocreation allows the consumer to meaningfully alter of influence a brand in a way that deepens their emotional investment hist delivering results which are mutually beneficial to the brand and the consumer.”

2019 student team sue and students
Chris Daly

Images from the 13th Mike Warne Event – 2019

Each year final year BA (HONS) Marketing Communications students at Bournemouth University, (BU) deliver the Mike Warne Event. It’s a showcase for leading marketing speakers organised by BU final year marketing speakers.  The students are mentored and supported by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the CIM. This is the story of how leading marketing speakers since 2007 are showcased annually by BU and CIM at the Mike Warne Event.

Mike Warne 2019

SPEAKERS 2019 – The power of co-creation

Will Roberts Innovation Managers RNLI

Will Roberts Innovation Managers RNLI

Charlotte Leaver Brank Manager VK Official

Charlotte Leaver Brank Manager VK Official

Mike Hawkyard Amuzo Games

Mike Hawkyard Amuzo Games

“It’s about an even greater involvement with customers in creating products and services.”

This year as in previous years, students source a range of leading marketing speakers. Since the event launch in 2007, the lecture addresses topical marketing issues, and honours the memory of CIM Regional Director, Mike Warne,(in the photo just below),who was a strong advocate of building relationships between aspiring marketing students and the CIM.

Mike Warne

The event now attracts 200 attendees annually. After over a decade of success, the Mike Warne Event for BU and the CIM is a showcase of leading marketing speakers every year since it started in 2007. Here is the exciting story for you, with some of the top brands featured.

The Mike Warne event last year: 2018 – the future of influencer marketing

Mike Warne Speakers 2018

Final year BA (Hons) Marketing Communications student volunteers from Bournemouth University (BU) in association with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) put together an event highlighting the importance of influencers in marketing, held in the Fusion Building on BU’s Talbot Campus.

Among the speakers was Jamie Spafford, co-founder of YouTube cooking channel, SORTEDfood. Jamie’s unique business has seen him travel across the world with friends and co-founders Ben Ebbrell, Mike Huttlestone, and Barry Taylor, in search of original and unusual cuisine. The channel, which started in 2010, has seen its audience grow to nearly 2 million subscribers. Read more on the event.

About Mike Warne

Mike was a great friend of us in the Dorset Branch and supported the idea I came up with, that Colin Merrett, at BU then supported, several years ago for this annual lecture. The idea being to set the challenge for final year marketing students to stage a compelling marketing communications event with top rate speakers, then promote it within the university and to the business community.

Mike was the original “Madman” or “Adman” really, working in an advertising agency in the early ’60s. He was in sales and marketing all his life. He ran his own business before joining the CIM as Chair of the SE and SW where I had the pleasure to work alongside him in both regions. He died prematurely because of an accident on holiday. But having helped set up these events we renamed them in his memory. Sue Warne his wife, herself having worked in the creative industries is a fan of the events and joins us along with the family each year.

How The Event Works – The History

Virtual Reality

Dean Johnson – “Mr VR” from our 2017 event

Every year a group of volunteers from the final year marketing students choose a topic and speakers to do with marketing communications. Presenters have always been of the highest calibre including Directors and senior marketing names from the likes of Virgin, Microsoft, Warner Brothers and Merlin Entertainments. Some of the most insightful and innovative words have come from fast growing creative agencies such as Holler or Metail.

The 2017 Mike Warne Event – Immersive Technology The Future of Marketing

Immersive Technology

The game-changing potential of VR – read the Bournemouth Echo article. Dean Johnson, head of innovation at Brandwidth and a pundit on the BBC, said the potential of VR was “incredible” but many of the wider public had little idea about it. Cathy White, founder of CEW Communications, is described as one of the “rising stars” of the tech industry. She said Google was “making a big push to get something like a billion people using VR within the next couple of years”. Mike Mallia, innovation and lab manager at LV= told how the Dorset-based insurer was piloting several uses for the technology.

Mike Warne Event 2016 – 10th Anniversary on Sponsorship

Speakers 2016

Pics of Sainsburys and Barclays, Gaele Lalahy, Head of Brand and Communications Panasonic, Nathan Homer Barclays.

Peter Ward, Sponsorship Manager at Sainsbury’s spoke. He managed the company’s Active Kids scheme,  and coordinated all the fundraising carried out as part of Sainsbury’s corporate partnership with Comic Relief and managed the relationship with the British Paralympic Association. more
Twitter feed 2016

Mike Warne Lecture 2015 – All about the brand

Mike Warne All About The Brand

The 9th Annual Mike Warne Lecture was ‘all about the brand’ with speakers from Organix and Urban Guild sharing their insight on the importance of branding and how it helped their company to be a success. more
2015 Twitter Event Feed

Mike Warne Lecture 2014 – The Future of Marketing

The Future of Marketing

Courtesy of The Daily Echo

Speakers in 2014 included Warner Bros Executive Vice President of European Film Marketing, Con Gornell, who headed up planning and implementation of marketing campaigns for all film releases. Mr Gornell believed marketers can learn important lessons from the film industry. He explained: “The media has historically always been in a state of change – in our business it’s about identifying and continuing practices that make you a successful marketer that’s important.”

Bournemouth University alumni Sarah Bulling, Product Communications Manager at Bournemouth based LV=, was responsible for marketing campaigns across a wide range of channels including TV, press and direct mail.

Ms Bulling described how the impact of the recession has resulted in LV= adapting its marketing strategy over previous five years and how it was now positioned to seize new marketing opportunities to strengthen its position as one of the UKs top car insurers.

Jonathan Fraser, Global Head of Strategy and Ideas at Holler. more

Mike Warne Lecture – 2013  Marketing Innovations


2013’s topic was ‘innovation’ and speakers from the three very different companies took the stand discussing what innovation meant to them and their business.  Microsoft – Commercial Director, Lush – creative Team and founder of Metail. more

Mike Warne Lecture -2012 – successful sponsorship: leading the way in 2012

Jackie Frost

2012’s speakers were Jackie Fast, managing director of Slingshot Sponsorship, and Jeff Dodds, executive marketing director of brand and marketing communications at Virgin Media – more

Mike Warne Lecture -2011 – Microsoft Digital Strategy Head, Holler and Connect Advertising

The Mike Warne Annual Marketing Communications lecture, held on Wednesday 2nd March 2011. The event included guest speakers Allister Frost, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at Microsoft, Paulo Nieddu, Senior Planner at Holler Digital and Iryna Kepych, Digital Strategist at Connect Advertising and Marketing.  more

2011 Mike Warne CIM and Students
Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) praises Bournemouth University Marketing Students. See CIM Site

Allister Frost FCIM

Allister Frost FCIM
Subsequent to the event Allister has gone from strength to strength. Allister is a Fellow of the CIM. As Microsoft’s former Head of Digital Marketing Strategy, Allister has also managed marketing teams for brands including Kleenex, Huggies and Andrex. He is a Double Winner of the Lester Wunderman Award for Outstanding Creative Work and was awarded a Cannes Direct Lion for direct marketing campaigns at Microsoft. More on Allister

CIM and BU Marketing Communications Lecture -2010

T Mobile

T-Mobile continued the tradition of high profile brand speaker presentations.

Annual CIM Marketing Communications Lecture -2009

Mike Warne Presenters 2009

– Ryan DeCruz the Brand Content Manager for MediaCom

– Rob Healey the Head of European Marketing for Panasonic System Solutions

– Andy Le Duc the Brand Manager for Thorpe Park. more

Former graduates from Bournemouth University, Ryan D’Cruz, brand content manager for Mediacom and Andy Le Duc, brand manager for Thorpe Park, thrilled the audience will video clips and shared their experiences of marketing with the audience. It was important for the students to get successful graduates to present.  Equally Ryan and Andy found it a rewarding experience to present to former tutors.

Rob Healey, European head of marketing at Panasonic System Solutions gave an insightful presentation into the challenges facing the giant corporation in 2009.  He was able to produce very clear evidence of market challenges and show how focused Panasonic is with its marketing strategies.

The audience left instructed in the art of branded content from Mediacom: very creative use of entertainment and brand in a clear marketing strategy.  Impatient for the opening of the new SAW ride at Thorpe Park!  And confident that despite the current climate, with marketing organisations like Panasonic driving business, there will be opportunities for students.


Annual CIM Marketing Communications Lecture -2008


AQA – Any Question Answered

In 2003, Paul Cockerton our speaker, co-founder and Marketing Director presented on his novel AQA e idea – what if you could answer any question by text message? Four years, 1.2 million customers, and 10 million questions later, Paul shared some of his learnings (and mistakes) in taking an idea to market, developing and managing effective advertising, and providing enchantment for customers – in less than 160 characters.

Annual CIM Marketing Communications Lecture – 2007 INAUGURAL LECTURE
February 2007 first event Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Paul Charles, Director of Communications Virgin Atlantic thrilled the audience with his presentation. Paul now runs the highly respected PC Agency
Experts in travel and tourism PR, and have provided  services in brand marketing and public relations over the years to numerous well-known brands.


After a decade of success this a true success story of how leading marketing speakers since 2007 are showcased annually by BU and CIM at the Mike Warne Event driven by the passion of students and marketers. It’s been an exciting story with some of the top brands featured, and we are sure will continue to be featured.


Please note: this article is produced by Peter Eales, not the CIM. However Peter is an active supporter and volunteer working with the CIM as a Fellow and Chartered Marketer in Dorset area.

Peter Eales BA Hons Chartered Marketer FCIM FIDM
Founder Director Dorset Business Angels
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