Problem solving using analytical and creative tools

Problem solving is the essence of work. Here is our approach to problem solving using analytical and creative tools. We do this with MDs, CEOs and business owners as well as marketers who need to create wealth, growth, or stop failure. Stop for a moment and think about how you or your organisation go about solving your problems, your current biggest or smallest ones…It may actually be a little worrying. Is it logical, effective, economical and a happy way of doing business or dealing with the work or challenge? We spend time working with people to understand how problems are getting solved. The reason is to work with them, give them more control by producing outcomes that bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.  We use innovative technology such as VR to help ingrain learning, methods such as SEE, HEAR and FEEL, and digital marketing.

Our Robust Problem Solving Methodology

At o i solutions we use our expertise, techniques and diagnostics to ensure you:

  • Define your problem
  • Generate alternative solutions
  • Agree your options
  • Implement solutions

We add our experience including problem solving, creating team management results, business plans and sales but you stay in control, that is essential.

Engaging, Listening and Empathy

Seeing, Hearing and Feeling engenders empathy and also enables us to very clearly analyse problems. And help clients analyse problems.

What seems obvious to me or you is not necessarily the same for another person. We all experience the world differently and with varying degrees of awareness. Not everyone is a Sherlock Holmes of Columbo. But what if you could learn some of these skills? Why should you want to? Reasons it is helpful, I suggest are:

  1. People notice that you care.
  2. You stay focused in the present or “the now”, not letting your mind wander off.
  3. Using your eyes, you pick up every possible body language signal.
  4. By listening to words, meanings, intonation it helps you to better recall it.
  5. You pick up feelings, your’s and the other person’s to help you engage.

See, Hear, Feel is a great reminder and I actually also use it for my tennis to stay in “the now”, as well as reminding me before meetings to not let my mind wander.

Fierce Conversations and Solving Tough Problems

Steve Barker, expert in leadership development, our partners, alerted me to the value of See, Hear and Feel and another great tool: Fierce Conversations a term Susan Scott coined. This means one conversation at a time  in family or business situations. And the conversation IS the relationship. “Our most valuable currency is relationships” says Susan Scott. Similarly Adam Kahane the best-selling author of Solving Tough Problems cites various helpful questions.

Who is your Target or Customer

In order fo you to solve a problem and make people happy you need to be clear on who you are aiming to target, your persona, (a clear profile), what you can offer as your specific solution, perhaps some evidence like a case study, and build up credibilty over time online and offline.

Solving Problems Makes Money

At the recent Silicon Beach conference, Jody Orsborn Co-founder of Backscratchers one of the UK’s top women entrepreneurs, said how they found success, now that they focus on client problems. Previously they had offered a variety of solutions – this just did not capture market interest.  In a competitive world  you need to offer help.

Virtual Reality VR Immersive Technologies help Learning and Problem Solving

The image above shows how virtual learning is proven to be the most effective form of installing learning: we remember what we experience. To be more exact, immersive technology is software which interacts with the hardware technology to render the virtual environment and process the user input to provide dynamic, real-time response. To achieve this, software often integrates components of artificial intelligence and virtual worlds. We can work, carefully with our trusted expert partners in the field and clients on appropriate technology to help solve problems, and deliver effective learning. For example video using headsets is the most easily understood, but what we do first is listen to our customer and explore what needs to be done…

Solving Problems Using Idea Management Tools

Idea management software tools use the ideas campaign approach to idea management in order to focus your creative thinking on specific business issues. The key is to focus on a specific challenge. Years ago, Suggestion Schemes often failed due to be too general. To ask for “good ideas”, is not specific and therefore will miss the target. Good ideas need to be relevant to your challenges. Here is how idea management software solutions software solutions work reviewed by Capterra. The way it works is simple. Imagine your company or organisation starts to use one of the idea management software tools, this is a typical step by step process you will follow, see our blog here.

For more on problem solving using analytical and creative tools contact us:
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