MD's Guide to Great Marketing

MD’s Guide to Great Marketing

Peter Eales MD

Peter Eales MD of o i solutions says: this MD’s Guide to Great Marketing is for the head of a company. You may well direct someone in your team to use it for your marketing. The purpose it to focus on four key areas for marketing either to audit, install or improve your marketing. These areas are the Strategy and Plans, the Head of Marketing, the Delivery Team and finally Online Platforms. We will update this and share best practices so look out for our ideas and call us anytime you have questions or tips to share.

Four Marketing Fundamentals for your Company

  1. Have a marketing strategy and plan for this year – linked to the company business plan.
  2. Ensure you have a capable head of marketing, ideally CIM accredited.
  3. Have a marketing delivery team internally and externally for your strategy and campaigns.
  4. Have the online platforms – website and social media in place, with branded content.

1. Business Strategy and Plans

Here is our XMind marketing and sales plan guide; you can download XMind here free

Guide to Marketing copyright o i solutions

Marketing Brief – view

10 Minute Guide from the CIM – How to achieve and effective marketing mix: view

CIM Marketing Expert Templates: view

Digital Solutions – updated weekly – view

2. Head of Marketing

LinkedIn Directory – view to search for people by title on LinkedIn
LinkedIn search  – article with videos and links
Chartered Marketer status – view
Executive Headhunters – view

3.Marketing Implementation

Marketing organisation chart – view
Marketing department roles – view

Small business marketing department roles – view

10 responsibilities marketing departments – view
Roles in marketing departments, slideshare – view

What is marketing – view


CIM list of Marketing Agencies – view
CIM job description guide – view
HubSpot – recruiting modern marketing guide – view
CIPD modern recruitment guide – view
Marketing Management
Managing marketing people – view

4. Websites and Online Key Sites

Build a WordPress Website – view
How to Make a WordPress Website video
Set up, use and tools for all key business social media sites: view

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Peter Eales BA Hons Chartered Marketer FCIM FIDM

Founder Director Dorset Business Angels

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