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Can I be a Dorset Business Angel Investor?

Yes, you can be a Dorset Business Angel Investor if you are either a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor. See more on our Dorset Business Angels (DBA) website about this. Membership payment rate is £30 per calendar year, invoiced/due annually on 1 January each year (irrespective of when in the year you join) with no upfront joining fee. The Dorset Business Angels network operates in and around Dorset, bringing entrepreneurs, investors and business catalysts together to accelerate the growth of start-up businesses.

Membership Benefits from UKBAA

Dorset Business Angels are registered members of the UK Business Angels Association, the national trade association representing angel and early stage investment in the UK. This membership benefits includes:

  • access deal flow, regular exchange between investors and those engaged in the angel finance market
  • access to Government(s), key opinion and decision makers
  • raising awareness and promoting angel investment
  • promoting good practice and establishing industry standards
  • as a resource of information, expertise, market intelligence, key trends for both investors, entrepreneurs and their advisers.

Other DBA member benefits

  • access to four Investor Dinners
  • access to the JustInvesting online platform where our pitch deals are loaded and shared with members, plus opportunities to share in funding rounds from previous pitches. Please see our DBA Investor Guide if you need any help on how to access the platform or email moc.tenretnitbnull@nniugknarf who manages this for our members
  • notification of deal opportunities outside of events that arise via on-line communications
  • news and opportunities from UK Business Angels 30+ networks, VCs and crowdfunding partners plus links to our network of financial partners
  • access to our partner offers for example Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra events we can special access to – we highlight to members as these arise

UK Business Angels Association

Dorset Business Angels are members of UK Business Angels Association UKBAA covering Dorset and the south of England. Jenny Tooth CEO of UKBAA speaks here about the organisation. UKBAA is the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment, representing over 160 member organisations and around 18,000 investors. Business angels in the UK collectively invest an estimated £1.5 billion per anum and are therefore the UK’s largest source of investment for startups and early-stage businesses seeking to grow.

UKBAA’s members include angel networks, syndicates, individual investors, early-stage VCs, equity crowdfunding platforms, accelerators, professional advisers and intermediaries. UKBAA acts as the voice of the angel investment community and strives to build and connect the angel investment ecosystem so as to ensure a coherent landscape for financing high-potential entrepreneurs.

Our Events and Pitches for 2017

We run dinners every 3 months for our Dorset Business Angel Investor members and pitchers. There are four companies who present their business plans for investment at the beginning of the evening from 6.30 p.m. until 8.30 p.m. for investors to consider if they wish to invest. This is followed by a dinner and coffee, where investors discuss the presentation, socialise and share ideas. Our events for 2017 can be seen here. And this year once again we have another Conference following our other two highly successful conferences, more here.

How the investment process works

When you come to one of our Dinner pitch events, you will see that businesses pitch by presenting for about 10 minutes. Pitchers then answer questions, which you as a new member may contribute too if you wish. The presenters leave the room, which gives a chance for investors to discuss their pitch. My colleague Frank Guinn, chairs this discussion. He will ask investors, if there is any interest? This does not mean, we are asking for definite investment from anyone at this time, merely expressions of interest to take it further. People will usually put up their hands to let him know. You may for example be interested and show an interest. We collect the names of interested potential investors and a person to lead this next stage. In some ways this is too early to call the first steps of due diligence, which technically it is. It can include:

  • Reviewing financial, business plans and documents in more detail, if necessary with NDAs
  • Agreeing in the investor team allocation of roles, dependent upon experience, time, level of potential investment and other factors – there may be a lead investor chairing the group
  • Meeting the directors and perhaps a site visit
  • If all is going well, contributing ideas to the team
  • Again if all is going well, the investors will then begin to take a view on the level of investment each person wishes to make versus what is on offer by way of equity and any other involvement with the company
  • The offer of investment can then be made to the directors of the company and hopefully a deal is struck with agreed targets, milestones and a business plan

If you have an questions about becoming a Dorset Business Angel Investor contact us  or Frank Guinn at ku.oc.slengassenisubtesrodnull@nniug.knarf and equally or if you have a business plan you can email us.

Contact me if you would like to know more.

Peter Eales BA Hons Chartered Marketer FCIM FIDM
Founder Director Dorset Business Angels
MD o i solutions limited

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