Services from o i solutions for your marketing. Realise
 your passion, ideas, dreams and projects. Grow your services with our marketing, marketing problem-solving and funding expertise. See our Marketing mind-map on this page.


With over 30 years’ experience to help you with our product marketing, outsource marketing services and campaign management expertise. We’ll show you how to use agile marketing to grow customers fast and cope with turbulent situations.


The Dorset Business Angels network operates in and around Dorset, bringing entrepreneurs, investors and business catalysts together to accelerate the growth of start-up businesses.

Problem Solving

This is our key difference. Your success is achieved by tackling problems, we can solve your problems with you, sometimes even for you.

Watch our 2-minute video about us from Peter Eales – here

An Outsource Marketing Director

Peter is available or a team for you. Peter is a Chartered Marketer, plc Marketing Director, and entrepreneur, so equipped to take on your challenges. See these case studies to see some of our work.

That Eureka Moment

……………………………that’s it!


That Epiphany or Eureka Moment is about problem solving for our customers.

Your success is achieved by tackling problems, we can solve your problems with you, sometimes even for you.

Taking Control of Yourself

You do this when you take control. We show you how to do this. We are not psychologists, and do not need to be. We are experienced business owners and company directors. What we do is start with you: put you and the relationships that matter first. Enable you to see, hear and feel what is happening: give you an acute awareness of how you are managing situations. There are tools and techniques to do this. We call this “Below the Line Control”.

Taking Control of the business 

We call this the “Above the Line control” with diagnostics, investment, and risk management. Great ideas need you to make them happen, including solving a lot of problems on the way such as resources, marketing and funding all of which we have experience with and tools to help you with.

Sales & Marketing for Finance Sector and MDs

Our Marketing Model

Services from o i solutions  includes a model for marketing which is very focused, agile and people at the core. You are the starting point. We are here to Realise the Passion of your vision. And then to use a model which is about SEE HEAR and FEEL which we use to fully understand you and then to help ensure you both strategically and personally connect with your market and customers.

Do you want leads, and need a strategy to grow your profit? We use inbound marketing to get you sales. For a free consultation call now. We work with MDs and business owners to agree a plan then get stuck in with the team and do it.  Here is an MDs Guide to Great Marketing view here. And here is a simple marketing strategy below you can use, for example shown on a Mind Map.

2018 Marketing and Sales Plan

The first step in Inbound Marketing is to identify your target or Persona prospect customer. Here is blog we have written on the subject that you can read now.

Some more resources for you to improve Sales and Marketing Communication, see articles.

Peter Eales is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a chartered marketer. And also, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing with wide experience of all sectors and business challenges. Peter is supported by an experienced marketing, HR and finance team. Contact us now for help.


Digital and Social Media


We show you how grow your business with social media & digital

We can grow your social media followers and connections now! And do it fast so that they can direct traffic to your website, grow your brand and be a key part of driving your profit. Follow Peter Eales on Twitter now on @petereales or onLinkedIn/petereales

Take a look at our Digital and Social Media resources page for videos, help and tips on what to do here.

Peter is a Fellow of the IDM.  If you need a new website, or social media platforms and more online presence we can help you do this. Contact us now for a free consultation.


It's a beach!

It’s a beach!

Marketing Events

With Over 30 Years’ Experience, Conferences and Events Are What We Do Best! Services from o i solutions includes the opportunity for you to Build a Custom Event · Team Building Games · Hundreds of Venues
View our showreel to see a selection of the type of events we can arrange. Anything small or large anywhere in the UK or the world.  Take a look at the video from our Events Production Company partners MCA Directors.
contact 01202 706975 or e: ku.oc.snoitulosionull@tcatnoc