Your Intellectual Property – understanding and using IP

What is Intellectual Property (IP) and why is it so valuable? What are the different forms forms of IP ? Investors always ask about IP. Every business will own some form of intellectual property, but do you know the difference between types of IP and how to protect these assets? Your business and everything around you: your intellectual property – understanding and using IP. Here is a guide with the types of IP, some tools and websites.

What is Intellectual Property?

A quick guide from the IPO video

Should I get a trade mark? IPO video

Should I get a patent? IPO video

Why is IP so valuable – The Global Intellectual Property Center explains

More IPO videos

Key Elements of UK Intellectual Property Law

See the excellent video by Sarmad Saleh here

Summary of key points:

Unfair Competition and Passing-off

Trade-marks – indicator of origin e.g. Google

  • Brands
  • Image
  • Reputation
  • Packaging


  • Appearance
  • Ornamentation


  • Creative
  • Music
  • Books and literature
  • Drama
  • Sound recording
  • Coding


  • Inventions when it is new and not obvious (and industrial application)
  • Pharmaceutical sector typically and also:
  • Tech sector

Law of Confidence – deals with confidential information

  • Trade secrets
  • Know-how
  • Private info
  • Can you license it?

Other Rights

  • Plant Breeders
  • Semi – conductor chips

Every business will own some form of intellectual property, but do you know how to protect these assets? The IP Health Check online tool is free to use and will help you answer these questions.

  • trademarks
  • trademarks overseas
  • patents
  • copyright
  • designs
  • confidential information
  • licensing your intellectual property
  • franchising
  • enforcement

The UK Opportunity

Presentation at the UKIS User Group event held at BEIS on the 20th March 2017 intellectual property and the industrial strategy. Presentation given by Will Steele from the IPO view here.

Research at the IPO for you

The IPO carry out and commission research relating to intellectual property, patent applications, trade marks and copyright – view here.

For a complete set of Guides from the GOV.UK website on IP

An excellent complete set of guides on IP can be found here

Make sure you have a Cunning Plan!

Always make sure you have you ducks lined up. Do any IP within the context of a common-sense commercial, business and marketing plan – here are some ideas.

Some Useful IP Resources for You

o i solutions Intellectual Property Pinterest page here has various infographics and sites which we link to. We cannot guarantee the quality of content and those outside the UK will obviously not relate to UK law, but you may find them helpful. And we also have summary information, videos and slideshare sites on our storify site here.

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