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You can grow your services with our marketing, leadership and funding expertise. We have a fantastic network of support. Business is about people: we know people. We know how to sell, do campaigns and run projects. Call us if you need help, now. See our contact page.

Who are customers or potential customers of o i solutions?

Our customers are businesses in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and the South of Engleand, looking to grow, and needing marketing expertise; some businesses also need funding or finance support.

Why we do it?

We enjoy solving marketing, funding and leadershiip problems in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and the South.


Working with business leaders.

What we do

Create projects, remove obstacles fund solutions.

So, we work with business leaders and their teams. With leaders, to help establish you as CEO or owner are happy you are in control. This article on The Five Maps of Adult Territory by my colleague Steve Barker, is part of this process. Being in control is about your life. Our work is effective because we deal with the right sequence of challenges in a business.
The sequence being:

  1. The leader: it maybe you or the project leader.
  2. Then with a product for example if something is not working, interrogate your offer. Is it clear? Is it better? Is it different? Is it cheaper? What do you want it to be? What exactly is your strategy for the product or service?
  3. If it is ok, then move on to other elements in the marketing mix…price, promotion, positioning, distribution

This is just a simplification of our approach to give you an overview. What’s vital is putting it into action and adapting, being agile based upon results. Set clear KPIs, budgets and financials.

Our Role

It is to deliver effective work for clients and customer partners. We should delight them. I will act in different roles as MD, Marketing Director, Director, manager and salesman. My colleagues we work with support me.


The difference with o i solutions outsource in marketing is that it is “better and different.” We always say to customers when differentiating a service, and deciding on pricing you need to be better, different or cheaper. Hence, we are better because of expertise gained through years of practice, work, proven achievement and delivery. Different because of working in unusual areas of business compared to most marketers. So, we are equipped to deliver digital marketing, (critical, these days) but very specifically believe that a business MUST get its product/service i.e. its offer right before doing ANYTHING else. And our ongoing work at Dorset Business Angels, where people are creating new ideas all the time, gives us lots of working knowledge of this. Implementation is critical, so we also apply a simple SEE, HEAR and FEEL test to challenge colleagues on what they remember in any given situation to stay in the present in all business situations. More of that when we work together!

Peter Eales

Peter Eales head and shouldersMD of o i solutions Outsource In Ltd (ois), enable businesses to grow with innovative marketing, funding, leadership expertise and resources. Outsource to ois help you create new products and offers: in effect pitches and campaigns to increase your profits.
Peter is a business owner and marketing director with plc experience in B2B and B2C. He is General Manager at Dorset Business Angels and a founder Director. A Trustee and Board Member of Dorset Community Foundation. A chartered marketer, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), SE Region Board CIM Chair UK 2010-2013 and a Wessex CIM past Chair and current Vice-Chair Dorset. Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing(IDM). A plc Director by background at Abbey Life plc and Alcatel Neopost plc Peter was many years previously at Pitney Bowes plc Europe in a wide variety of marketing, sales and management roles for the global giant. He started life in sales and sales management then moved into marketing.
More on Peter:

Sarah Eales


Three decades’ business management and director experience, Fellow of the CIPD, HR professional, Diploma in Personnel, Sarah is Director of o i solutions ltd managing finance and administration. Wide experience in various industries including Insurance, Building Construction, Cosmetics and Training and in recent years a founder director of o i solutions ltd.


Jigsaw Compliance Leon Thompson

 Leon Thompson

Leon Thompson is a respected and trusted partner in the Financial Services Sector Compliance Consultant at Jigsaw Compliance Services Ltd DipFA- Diploma CeMap – Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice CF8 – Long Term Care ER1 – Equity Release.

GDPR – Flavourfy Digital led by Mark Gracey
– experts in GDPR, digital compliance marketing compliance and data security


Mark Gracey began working in the internet industry in the mid-90s when he joined Demon Internet to set up their commercial web sales and support team; this was the early days of the web: before WordPress, before Google, before social media. From there Mark set up one of the UK’s first network abuse team which led to a fifteen year career in internet regulation dealing with everything from internet content liability to data protection and police liaison. Responsible for ensuring internal compliance and influencing external stakeholders he’s worked with the government, law enforcement and advised the House of Lords on internet policy matters as well as influencing the outcomes of a number of pieces of legislation, chairing the national ISP trade body, ISPA, and sitting on the board of the Internet Watch Foundation.

In June 2014 he set up Flavourfy Digital, a digital strategy consultancy which focuses on data protection, privacy and marketing Compliance and data security  Flavourfy Digital offers everything from GDPR audits, data protection consultancy and compliance to website security and digital marketing advice and guidance. In 2017 Flavourfy Digital launched the Digital Compliance Hub an online resource to help businesses meet their online compliance needs.

Mark has a Computer Science Degree (BSc Hons) and a Masters Degree (LLM) in Computer and Communications Law and has worked at businesses like Demon Internet, THUS plc, Cable&Wireless and Vodafone.

more about Mark